Bal folk with Hartwin Dhoore and Trio14

Steinerschool Wijgmaal
Privaatweg 7


29th February 2020

14:30 Doors
15:00 Workshop diatonic accordion with Hartwin Dhoore
18:00 Dinner with open discussion about future bal folk events in Leuven
19:00 Initiation Workshop
20:00 Hartwin Dhoore Solo
22:30 Trio14

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2005. Hartwin picks up a diatonic accordeon for the first time. Five years later he roams the international folk stage as a professional musician. Inspired by traditional European music, he has created his own style.

His compositions are the centerpiece of Trio Dhoore, a band of brothers that has been lighting up the folk scene since 2010 and played concerts all over Europe and Canada.

His personal life is furthermore intertwined with his musical career: Estbel is a musical marriage between his Flemish roots and his wife Leana’s Estonian background.

In 2018 Hartwin published his book ‘Out of the box’ featuring hundred own compositions.

"Hartwin shows how subtle, on the edge of the fragile an accordion can sing." - Folk Magazine | BE

"Hartwin's tunes are very enjoyable, from the feather-light to the full-on funky!" - The Living Tradition | UK

22:30 Trio14
« Les trois jeunes musiciens de Trio14 ont grandi ensemble au sein du groupe Arcamuse. En janvier 2014, ils décident d’associer leurs 14 cordes (violons et guitare) pour un bal folk ciselé et joyeux, arrangé avec talent. Attentifs au plaisir des danseurs autant qu’à celui des mélomanes, ils invitent le public à guincher sur un répertoire varié issu de France, de Belgique et d’Outre-Manche. Trio14 est sans conteste l’un des meilleurs jeunes groupes de bal folk en Wallonie à l’heure actuelle ! » Festival folk de Marsinne, septembre 2015