Folk Festival 2023 - 7 - 9th April

We are happy to present you our 3rd edition of the Folk Festval ComSiBal, 3 days of music, dance & exchange. Please find the full program & practical details below.
Looking forward to welcome you once again in Wijgmaal!

Steinerschool Wijgmaal
Privaatweg 7

7 - 9th April
Friday 7th
23:00Hilde Van Belle
Saturday 8th
10:00The Groove! Music, patterns, and all that jazz...
14:00Folk à Donf
20:30Man Encantada
23:00Duo du Balcon
Sunday 9th
10:00Swedish dances workshop by Aurélie Giet
14:00Mia Marine

Friday 7th
20:30 Fahrenheit

Farhenheit turn the skills of four singer musicians into music for dance.

The band reveal their traditionnal, electronic and pop music influences throughout Europe’s balfolk and festnoz hottest dancefloors. Farhenheit’s choice repertoire ranges from Alexandre Sallet’s Hanter-Dros, Remi Kesteman’s Mazurkas, Simon McDonnell’s Irish songs and Antoine Morin’s Breton Ridées. Security warning: 96° F is the minimum temperature when the powerengines start and the dancers begin to take off to a full and vibrant sound... no seat belt required!
23:00 Hilde Van Belle

Ever since she was a kid, Hilde’s been singing her way through life. Her love for folk music started as a dancer in the Balfolk scene about nine years ago. For the past five years, she has been performing at balfolk events in Europe both as a solo performer and with her duo Rokkende Vrouwen.

Hilde writes her own songs in Flemish, but also sings songs in many other languages. She’s absolutely in love with romantic mazurka’s and irregular walzes, but also likes some good vocal improvisation in magic circles, jigs and bourrées. Prepare yourself for a mix of soft romance and intense craziness!
Saturday 8th
14:00 Folk à Donf

Folk a Donf was formed around Pierre and Marinette, two lovers of the diatonic accordion, the diato, this funny folk instrument that is played in a pull-push. Both have fun crossing the melodies and arrange them so that their instruments respond and complement each other.

This duo was joined by two string lovers, Michel on cittern and with his atypical 10-string guitar and Jean Pierre with his electro-acoustic bass. The group offers a repertoire in the image of Wallonia: a clever mix of tradition, external influences. Some pieces come from the local heritage, or have come from elsewhere, collected according to travels and exchanges with passing friends and finally others composed by one or another musician of the group. Dances from Wallonia, France, Galicia, Sweden, Brittany, Ukraine, Quebec, Finland, …Scottishs, waltzes, mazurkas and entertainment dances open to all, experienced dancers and d beginners.

To be consumed without moderation and with a smile and feet.
16:30 Diatocello

Diatocello or the fruitful graft between the cello and the diatonic accordion.

When the bow combines with mother-of-pearl buttons, melodies bloom to offer a rich and intoxicating folk ball.

The instrumental duo was born from the meeting between the well-known diatonic accordionist of the folk scene, Amélie Denarié (Les Zéoles, Le Manège) and the jazz cellist, Mathieu Mitéran (Metismatic, Maa Julu).

The two artists, driven by the desire to cross paths with their musical universes, dialogue and find the right balance, between explorations controlled and danceable energy.

In 2021, the duo will make a colorful entry into the landscape of French folk, with their new opus entitled "L'ÉCHAPPÉE", which is available both in "Bal Folk" and in a "concert" formula.

A complicity in the service of a gentle and harmonious journey through an original repertoire of music to dance to and listen to!
20:30 Man Encantada

Man Encantada offers Gascon balls sung in the Oc language as well as concerts

The beautiful sung melodies, traditional texts and original compositions are punctuated by accordion and mandola, and fly away with the breath of the flugelhorn.

Joachim Montbord (Vocals, mandola, percussion, boha)
Gilles de Becdelièvre (Accordion, backing vocals)
Jérôme Dubois (Bugle, shells , backing vocals)
23:00 Duo du Balcon

A Rock Spirit in a Duo Folk

Duo du Balcon is a duo made up of the Congrega brothers, who jumped into the world of bal folk and traditional music for ten years And for four years, they have been making us dance "funkttish" and "bluesurka" in this sparkling guitar project. Set between Irish sounds and rock spirit, accentuated by energetic riffs or "floydian" passages ", this little duo has a whole universe to make you discover through a dance floor...

"It is the great complicity of the two brothers which is at the origin , but also their common desire to play on music with Irish sounds, influenced by the rhythms of traditional dances from France and rock riffs."

"This Neo Trad Guitar duo has given itself mission to survey balls, concert halls and bars in France and elsewhere to spread good humor and show that with two string instruments , we can make as much sound as a traditional line up involving accordions, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes and other powerful instruments!!!"
Sunday 9th
14:00 Mia Marine

Mia Marine (born Gustafsson) is well known as a lively and exuberant musician from Värmland in Sweden. Besides being a very skilled performer, she is also well known as an inspiring teacher. Her music is often in the borderlands between traditional folkmusic, modern accoustic music and chamber music.
16:30 Balbuzar

Energetic, varied and original, the compositions of the Balbuzar group are inspired by the traditional European repertoire to take the dancers on a feast for feet and ears. Our repertoire has become rich to listen to and dance to thanks to surprising arrangements, melodic nuances and captivating rhythms!

The members of the trio are: Jonathan De Neck (diatonic accordion), Fredo Zupi (violin) and Renaud Baivier (percussion).
20:30 Maracu

Inspired by the finest dances we could find all around the world, we have been preparing a package of grooves and melodies. Once this package is released, you can't help but move your feet, take off your sweater and embrace the sound. Our music is shaped by steady beats, improvisation, rousing melodies and a colourful mix of sounds. We ground you with slow and soothing songs, but don't get too comfortable, because the next one will make you sweat! We invite you to a nocturnal reverie of Folk, Jazz and Klezmer. Enjoy!
23:00 Siger

Known for their innovative instrumental compositions rooted in Flemish traditional music, siblings Ward & Hartwin Dhoore have been roaming international stages together for over 15 years. They have been the oiled engine behind award-winning bands & projects such as Trio Dhoore, Estbel and The Flemish Folk Caravan, just to name a few.

Throughout the years the brothers managed to create their own musical identity that has attracted many listeners far across the Flemish borders. With concerts in almost every country in Europe, the UK, and North America and performances at festivals such as ‘Celtic Connections’ (Scotland), Underneath the Stars (England), Folk Alliance International (USA), Rudolstadt (Germany) and many more, the brothers established a wide fanbase on which they have built a strong career.
Saturday 8th
10:00 The Groove! Music, patterns, and all that jazz...
The Groove! <i>Music, patterns, and all that jazz...</i>

Thinking melody & rhythm in dances
In this workshop, we will work on breaking down the elements of dance and music - like tiny lego pieces - to further enrich our array of moves and improvisation possibilities.
We’ll go from working with melodies and musical structures(the bases of musicality) to feeling and identifying rhythms and blend them together in advanced uses (off beats, polyrhythms and so on).
— Whatever the mind can think and conceive, the body can achieve.
Dos and don'ts

“Bare” necessities: ears, limbs, an open mind, perfect knowledge of the base step of couple dances.
You won’t need: a partner, musical skills comparable only to Mozart.

The Teacher
Remi Kesteman has been dancing for as long as he can remember, and balfolk specifically since 2006. Born in Belgium, adopted by Portugal, his many backgrounds allow him to quickly connect with a variety of different cultures, which he believes is the essence of balfolk. His teaching methods are fed by a number of activities: from dance and music to the martial and the performing arts.
Remi has taught in several festivals, including Andanças, Tradidanças (PT), Gennetines (FR), Prague Balfolk Immersion (CZ), Boombal (BE), Cadansa (NL), Lovembal, (PL), Venezia Balla (IT), and many others.
He’s also a founding member of the groups Fahrenheit (2019) and Duo Zmôz (2020).
10:00 Swedish dances workshop by Aurélie Giet

In collaboration with

Provincie Vlaams BrabantMuziek Mozaiek


Can I come without a dance partner?
Yes, please feel welcome to do so.
I have never danced (folk) before, what now?
Coming for the first time can be a bit outside of your comfort zone but be assured, no one will judge you on your dancing skills.
There will be an introduction class of 1 hour at 19:00, there we'll explain some common dances (hanter-dro, andro, scottisch, jig, bourré 2 times).
Folk dancing is relatively accessible to dance to and don't hesitate to ask some explanation more experienced dancers will be more than happy to show you some steps.
Also, you don't have to dance all night, enjoying the music and watching others dancing can also be delightful.
How can I get there?
By public transport to the train station of Wijgmaal, you can also park there for free. From there it is a 200m walk to the Steinerschool. Please note that it is not allowed to park in the privateweg and the car park at the school itself is reserved for musicians, organization and visitors with limited mobility. We made an online overview to facilitate carpooling: or you can also post your request on the Facebook group:
Can I stay overnight?
It is possible to sleep on site in the school, the school provides us with 3 or 4 classrooms. Providing your own sleeping material - and any sleeping earplugs - is a must! To use this option you must have a all-in ticket.
Can I come with a camper?
In principle, yes, but the places for this are limited. You can drive into the dreef (Watermolenpad) via the Watermolenstraat and there is a small car park a little further on. Please beware that respecting the neighbors' night's rest is essential.
Can I pitch a tent there?
Unfortunately not.
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