Folk Bal - Saturday 23rd December 2023


Campus Heverlee
Naamsesteenweg 355
3001 Heverlee

Saturday 23rd December 2023

16:30 Snaarmaarwaar

For almost 20 years, the men of Snaarmaarwaar have been touring incessantly across venues and stages in Belgium and abroad. One guitar, one mandola, and one mandolin. A set of spare strings and a lot of enthusiasm for playing: that's all they need to ignite the magical live spark with their inspiring tunes every time. Their latest release is called 'LYS,' a reference to the fascinating, winding path their music has already taken them on, much like the wonderfully meandering Lys River between Ghent and Deinze.
20:00 Aérokorda

Aérokorda was founded in 2016 and can best be described as neofolk with Celtic, Slavic, and classical influences, which are clearly evident in the band's original compositions.


Can I come without a dance partner?
Yes, please feel welcome to do so.
I have never danced (folk) before, what now?
Coming to dance for the first time can be a bit outside of your comfort zone, but rest assured that no one will judge you on your dancing skills. Folk dances are relatively easy to do, and don't hesitate to ask for some explanations from more experienced dancers; they will be happy to show you some steps. You're also not obliged to dance the entire evening; enjoying the music and watching others dance can also be very pleasant.
How can I get there?
By public transport to the Heverlee station. You can also easily park there for free. The parking lot is on your right after the entrance.
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